Parking Patrols (Vic) Pty Ltd

Parking Patrols (Vic) Pty Ltd provide a range of parking patrol services at numerous types of car parks throughout Victoria including:

  • off-street ticket and meter parking areas,
  • permit zones,
  • business and industrial parks,
  • Owners Corporation areas and many more.


The roll of this service and the patrol officers is to ensure that all vehicles that park within the patrolled areas follow the directions, signage and requirements of the location. Persons failing to follow these conditions are issued with a notice.

Most Payment Notices are issued for the following reasons:

  • Failure to correctly display a valid ticket on the dashboard with the expiry date and time visible from outside the vehicle;
  • Staying longer than the period allowed, stated on the signage;
  • An expired ticket;
  • Parking in a manner contrary to signage requirements such as, a loading zone, no standing, permit zone or private car park.

For payment before the due date (28 days from he original notice issue the date) a reduced amount is accepted.  This reduced amount is detialed on the notice.  A range of payment options are available including payments accepted at any Australia Post Office, by phone 13 18 16 or by mail, as listed on the reverse of the notice and also detailed at How To Pay.

If you wish to dispute a notice issued a Payment Notice, please do so in writing within 14 days from the original notice issue date.  Further information is available by calling 1300 650 601 and at Frequently Asked Questions which also provide a list of reasons not considered valid reasons and How To Contest details what to include with your contest and all about the contesting process.